100 KILA

Yavor Dimitrov Yanakiev, better known as 100 Kila, is a Bulgarian rap and hip-hop artist and music producer from Varna. He is known for his songs “Cqla nosht”, which is a duet with Lora Karadzhova, “Az sum 6”, “Antistop”, “Gas do dupka”, “Lanec na vruta mi” and others. He has won 6 “Rapper of the Year” awards. Kilata conquers clubs and the Internet with unique behavior, energy and professionalism. He makes an amazing “show”, develops the club scene and paves the way for other artists of this style. One of the secrets to his success is just that he is having fun while working. He parted ways with the company that distributes his production and founded his own label, Jabulah Entertainment, which continues to spell hits.