His name is – Vladimir Popchev, better known as Vlado the Hungarian, artist, lyricist, and composer. He first caught a guitar in Elhovo many years ago and played “Smoke on the water”, when only 4 of the 6 strings of the guitar remained. At that moment he realized that his destiny was to be a bassist!

Ivan Gatev – a smiling merry-maker – young, but traveled many kilometers, and has been the band’s vocalist since 2014. He is an experienced musician, having participated in several other rock bands and collaborations. From death metal as a high-school student to alternative rock in his college years with Saltriver and LockMaruhu’s heavier funk/metal, the crazy V.I.S. Estraden Prevrat where he met Ogi Kyosovski.

Ognyan Kiosovski – started his musical development during his school years. After a long and painful deformation of all kinds of pots and lids (painful for the others), he acquires his first set of drums and proud of the acquisition feels ready to throw himself into the unequal battle for a place in the starry sky. Apart from being a musician, Ogi Kyosovski enjoys a good reputation in the industry as a studio tone director and producer, as well as a live sound engineer.

Toni Tenev – Toniaka is one of the founders of the group. His unique style of playing defines him as one of the most recognizable guitarists in Bulgaria. He was born in Stara Zagora, where he played in several groups, and after moving to Sofia he became the main guitarist of the art-rock band “Orion”. There he met Ogi Kiosovski and Vlado Popchev.

Together the four explode in the rebellious “KONTROL” – the most influential punk band in the country!