FINAL DAY 02/07/22

So Called Crew

So Called Crew puts a marker for the level of the third Bulgarian rap wave. The hip-hop band appeared on the Bulgarian stage at the end of 2011, when the seven boys released their debut single “Velikolepnata sedmorka”, a song from the album “Izrezki”. At the beginning of the name “So Called Crew” is the idea for the title of the album. Coincidentally, it became the name of the group, which is currently composed of four – Evgeni Enchev (Gena), Matthew Stoyanov (Bile), Iliya Grigorov (Grigor) and Philip Tsarov (Thrasher). Despite the reduction of the band, So Called Crew is constantly on the home stage ten years later. They have released  number of great albums that are symbol of the Bulgarian hip-hop music.