FINAL DAY 02/07/22


Stanislav Naidenov a.k.a. Spens is one of the most famous rappers in Bulgaria. In the summer of 2000 he began working on his debut album, in which guest vocalists are Slim, Columbeca, Gqvola, Chupi, Big Mouth and the group “Smoke Curtain”, and the scratches in it are from DJ Stancho.

 The album “Prekaleno lichno 1” was released in February 2000 and immediately became one of the best-selling titles in the genre, gaining even more fans of Spens. In it, the singer preaches the legalization of marijuana, in addition to addressing the daily problems faced by the younger generation, as well as corrupt cops and politicians. Spence claims to be a fan of gangsta rap and falls in love with melodic hip-hop from the West Coast. The music, lyrics and arrangements on his album are entirely his.