FINAL DAY 02/07/22


Stefan Valdobrev and “Obichainite zapodozreni” is one of the most emblematic bands on the contemporary music scene. This is the band with which the Bulgarian actor, singer, composer and film director recorded his cult albums “Kum”, “Obicham te, mila”, “Revolution”, “Svetut e golqm i spasenie nqma”, “Pansion za kucheta”. reached a total circulation of over 250,000 copies. The “Obichainite zapodozreni”: rock legend Ivan Lechev (FSB guitarist, the only Bulgarian band which has won a Grammy), jazz / ethno / rock virtuoso Stoyan Yankulov (drummer and percussionist, performing with a number of world jazz musicians), Veselin Veselinov – Eco (the most famous Bulgarian bassist, who paved the way for iconic jazz, rock and pop groups) and the guitar star of the new generation Miroslav Ivanov (co-founder of “Infiniti” and “Sappho”, worked in Ireland as a guitarist of the band “Amoric “).